Last updated 10/15/2023

<aside> đź’ˇ This is a document where I intend to communicate to my team, peers, and others how I work, quirks in what I prefer, and overall to get a better understanding of who I am. This is typically left up to others to infer, so I thought I would be direct in telling others what I value, the idiosyncracies I have (some positive, some negative), and how I approach work.


So, with that, here it goes:

Don't worry about bugging me too much

I genuinely love helping and generally take the approach of "teaching you to fish" over "giving you a fish". If I'm overloaded, I'll let you know, but please approach me if you need help, and don't feel bad about it.

I value efficiency

Make decisions quickly and focus your effort on impactful work. I also want to cut what doesn’t lead to impact ruthlessly. If you feel that you’re working on something that won’t help us make progress toward our goals, don’t suffer in silence.

I value those who care

If I encounter an issue, often I will approach the one I know who will care about it and see it through. Just showing up isn’t enough; show me that you care about what you’re working on.

I only know what you tell me

If there’s something on your mind, just tell me. I’d rather hear about something directly vs hearing about it indirectly.

Measure what you can, don’t go crazy about what you can’t

Some aspects of marketing are hyper-measurable. For those, set up systems to glean meaningful data that can help you improve. Other aspects of marketing are not that measurable, at least not directly. Move up the stack and find some way you can measure success but be comfortable knowing some things are unknowable and unprovable. When you're not sure, work backward until you have something tangible you can point toward.

As the ramifications for IDFA deprecation/ATT come into view, probabilistic thinking is more important than ever.

When in doubt, work on what matters

This obviously can have a subjective definition, but to me, “what matters” are the reasons why we are employed: driving marketing awareness, interest, desire, and action. It's easy to get overwhelmed, but if you’re ever in doubt on what to do next, focus on the activities that move the needle. Use our goals as your guide.

Don’t be afraid to fail

Blaming others and the “CYA” mentality drives me crazy. I really don’t care whose “fault” something is. If a mistake’s been made, it's ok if we catch it early, learn from it, and don't repeat it. It’s cliché, but when mistakes happen, I’m interested in what we can learn from them and how we prevent them from happening again, not who did it.

I value extreme ownership

Much like #2, I value those who can take the ball and run with it on their own. Treat something as your baby and so long as you’re working toward things that matter (#5), I have confidence positive outcomes are not far off.